Modelling organic surface from curves

Hello, I really need help with creating an organic surface using outline and section curves. I have my mesh model (which is very inaccurate and needs to be remodelled from scratch) transformed to SubD as a base to create a single 0 width surface which I can then transform. I made an outline curve of the model and section curves and I thought that would be enough to create a smooth clean surface, but I have no idea which command is suitable, because so far nothing works for desirable results. My friend suggested using Network surface command, but it doesn’t even generate anything for reasons like curves are not connected or I should choose curves in one direction, then second direction and then nothing happens.

rhino_help_subd_curves.3dm (664.5 KB)

In the photos are the SubD model and curves.

1 - you have the two red curves being continuous
2 - the blue curves be continuous
3 - remove some blue curves where they touch each-other (like near the bottom part in your picture)

network surface should work.

You can solve 1 and 2 by rebuilding your curves.

If you attach your geometries here (in a .3dm file) more people would have tried to help you.

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Yes, I am sorry, did not think about that, here is the file
rhino_help_subd_curves.3dm (664.5 KB)

The Curve labeled A is in pieces and needs to be Matched into one merged curve.

The Curves at B self intersect the adjacent curves so they need to be deleted.

The resulting curves then will work with curve network:

Results attached:

rhino_help_subd_curves_SD.3dm (940.7 KB)


This was very helpful, thank you very much (also Riccardo Majewski), the whole curve system is a bit disorganized, because I tried different techniques (A was in pieces because I tried seperated surfaces from 2 paths command)