Modelling jug with embossed pattern in Rhino 7

Hi, some advice please. I have just bought Rhino 7 and need to model a glass jug with an embossed pattern (see attached guide)

I think Sub-D would be good to use for this but I am not sure of how to approach modelling this, specifically the spout and handle. I am learning as I go but am trying not to spend too much time on this job (I have used Rhino for a number of years but for less organic shaped products).

Also any advise on applying the embossed pattern would be much appreciated (do I do things differently for Sub-D models?)… I need to apply in 2 ways (A & B on attached). Would it be best applying as decal for 2 row option and as a textures-bump map for all over option?

Thanks in advance!

You can revolve a section and turn that into a SubD. Then push / pull

Check the file attached for the basic shape. I saved each step on a separate layer

Before I started with the handle, I enabled X axis symmetry. Then I extruded the starting faces for the handle. I deleted the faces which would be inside the handle and bridged the two edge loops with 0% Straightness

The SubD geometry can be turned into square surfaces and those can be used for the pattern. There are many other ways to create the pattern however.

subd_jug.3dm (3.7 MB) (13.4 KB)


Thanks for looking at this for me @martinsiegrist, appreciated… I just need to get my head around your file now.
I have no experience of Grasshopper (only watched an intro video), perhaps a step too far for me at the moment!

GH makes the placement of the embossed geometry a little easier to edit. Give it a try it’s a pretty simple definition.

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As surfaces, I’d do something like this -

GlassPitcher test.3dm (824.0 KB)

I’ll add some more info. Getting the pattern on there, since it is a single surface, might work well in GH.


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Appreciate your reply @pascal, thanks. Your model looks great. Did you start with a revolved shape and convert to SubD? I need more practice manipulating the SudD models (specifically the spout…which looks really easy!), still not sure which tools to use to get the results I want.
Sounds like I need a crash course in Grasshopper (eek)!

Hi Nancy - Mine is a surface - I wanted to offer the surface version as distinct from SubD. The body is indeed a revolve (deformable), initially, but then it is point edited at the spout. I would, in real life, probably model inside and outside and rim as separate surfaces for better control of the shapes - this is very much a sketch model. The handle is a Loft, tied to the curves by History. I added knots to the curves (all the same) in order to articulate the ends where they blob onto to the body. Again, very sketch-model.


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You can place vertical row of embossed flowers on the jug either with OrientOnSrf command, or with Splop command, or with Flow command + TargetSurface option. (Flow command + TargetSurface option is the best because it is fast and accurate. If history is enabled, you can easily edit everything.) If the jug has axial symmetry, you can use ArrayPolar command to make the rest of the flowers.

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Fab, thank you @andrew.nowicki. I will give this a try too!