How to make a quilt like surface

Hello. I am trying to make a facade like the allianz museum in munich but I’m having no luck. I don’t know how to use grasshoper so it has to be done in rhino. I can manage getting the grid on to the surface but then I dont know how to move forwards and curve the surface to form a quilt like impression. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will appreciate your help :)attached you will see the stadium example and how far i have gotten with my model

I strongly recommend to learn Grasshoper to make this surface.
If you whant just a simple object to render from far, use a simple surface with bump normal texture or tessellation.

Check this out. In description there is a link which redirects to proper explanation of the process (Allianz Arena). @mehr.mughal.92
By the way this is grasshopper explanation

Look at this old thread:

thank you. guess i will have to start learning gh!

Check also in YouTube