Modeling Roads

issues.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hello everybody ,
I can’t switch these curves to surfaces can anybody help me to how to solve this problem

is a quite dense and complex set of curves. I guess is to much to make a single planar srf from them or maybe there are some issues on the corners. is hard to tell without the file.

I uploaded the file if you have a time could you check it .
The curves are not contunious at some points as you said .
Thanks for help .issues.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi - there is no easy way of making surfaces from these curves. It might be easier to take a step back and use the original input for these curves. How were they made?

Apart from that, you are not looking for a single surface because you have some bridges in that scene, which means surfaces at different levels. You could try to first hide all those bridges and create a single patch surface from the remaining curves. (Note that a few curves on the outer perimeter of the scene are clearly not at the correct height and those would need to be edited first).

When you have a single patch, you can then pull the curves to the surface and split the surface with the curves to get you the road surface. After that, you could model bridges.

I work in the architecture field with Rhino and this is a problem… It’s a dead end. You coul not work with NURBS.

1º Solution: Aproximation
Use the command “Patch”, you will get one surface by the resolution you define… but it’s a aproximation!.. Besides being an approximation it will not be possible to edit it easily. Could work if it is a simple house in a top of the terrain, with some roads, and you make some adjustments, but if the scene get complicated this is not a solution. From the moment you start to divide that surface by the curves you have in the file : Game Over. You could not make diferent surfaces exactly match. You have some commands to do this, but this scenario it’s too much complex for that.

2º Soluton: Mesh
The only solution that i found it works. “MeshPatch” everywere. It works, it’s not beautiful, it will give lots of work… but it’s the only solution that i found.