Modeling a pendant from a sketch


I´m trying to convert a cartoon sketch into a silver pendant. This is an order from a client, so I can´t really improvise with the look.
I´m mostly familiar with creating jewellery of my own design. I work less with organic objects and more with symmetrical shapes. So, this is kind of a challenge for me.

I´m Using Rhino 5 with Rhinogold 4.0 and Clayoo 1.0
I am familiar with Rhino and Rhinogold but have no experience with clayoo

I added the original picture and a version with higher contrast and some changes, my client asked for. How can I approach a project like this? Does it make sence to use a CAD program for this pendant?
I know, a lot of you are using Rhino for organic designs and even very realistic skulptures.
So, maybe somebody has an idea for me?

So far, I have tried to devide the drawing into seperate segments and then extrude the segments one by one. The hight of the extrusions varies from segment to segment, to create a more realistic look. Once I have the basic shape, I remodel the segments and round the corners etc. In the end, I connect all the segments via boolean and add a loop for the chain.
With Rhino tools it is possible, but it seems to be very time intensive. And it would be difficult to get a “natural” look.

Are there more options to work on this? Does it make sence to use clayoo? And if yes, would it be possible to learn the use of clayoo, to the needed extend, to create this model within a week? I would like to learn how to use clayoo, but I´m not sure if this is a good project to start with.

The pendant should have a diameter of 30mm. Maximum hight 4mm.

Thank you very much for your time!


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Hi @Mischka1,

With a 4mm height, maybe it is complex to see the bumping surface.

My recommendation is to use Raster to Vector in 2Shapes for Rhino, you can extract the curves, then you can use it to model it.

Next, you adapt to a circle of 30mm:

Next, with the command Extrude Curve, Solid = Yes

Also you can play with multiple levels:

If the quality of the picture is poor, maybe you can use the command AddPictureToPlane, and do it by hand.

Other option, if you want something more irregular, you can use offset curves and create a patch surface:

Another option is use the slop command with the extrusion on an ellipsoid.

Just some ideas,… but be careful the rights of the image.

If you want to know more about 2Shapes for Rhino:

If you wan to download it:





I was thinking a way to do it with SubD. Just another idea:



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Hi Rafa,
Thank you very much for your detailed answer and for the video!
I think, I don´t have SubD in my Rhino 5 version. But he SubD looks very much like Clayoo by its features.
I also liked the idea with the offset curves and the patch surface.
And I will definetly try the 2 Shapes software.

Un Saludo,

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You could also handle it like the Rhino 3D logo. A series of surfaces trimmed into a polysurface. You could also fillet the edges to soften the form. Rhino3D-logo