Begginer need help with jewelry modeling

Hello, I just started learning with Rhino and I have struggle even with simple looking designs. Can anyone help me to make this pendant?

Have you been through the Rhino tutorials? If not then this is probably a bit too complicated…

Start by placing your jpeg as a picture plane in the front view and lock the layer it is on.
Switch to a new layer.
Draw a spiral to match approximately to the centreline of the right hand spiral part in the picture. You’ll probably need several attempts to get close, but close will be good enough as we’ll be adjusting the curve to fit better.
Rebuild the spiral with 15 points.
Rotate/Move the spiral to improve its position.
Juggle the control points of the spiral to further improve the fit (the jewellery is a bit of a squished spiral).
Shorten the outer end of the spiral to where the jewellery starts to curve the other way.
Draw a control point curve from the bottom of the jewellery V up to the end of the spiral, again following the centre line of the jewellery- aim for a smooth connection.
Join the two curves and do any final tweaking.

Analyse the curve to get its length.
Draw a straight horizontal line of the same length below the piece. Think of this as the centre of a metal bar that was forged to make the piece.
Draw a control point curve above the horizontal line: this curve should be the same distance from the line as the radius of the jewellery that far along the spiral curve.
Revolve the curve full circle around the horizontal line to create a surface.
Select the surface and use flow along curve to copy it from the straight baseline to the target spiral curve.
Look at the result and decide if you need to adjust the shape of the spiral curve or the shape of the sausage surface. If you do, then adjust the curves and delete the surfaces and repeat the revolve and flow.
After you have done this a few times (or got lucky) and are happy, make the spiral surface solid by capping the ends.
In the front view, draw a line from the middle of the base of the V up through the tangent on the edge of the spiral surface near to where the two halves of the jewellery piece kiss.
Use the line to split the spiral solid and discard the small piece above the line.
Mirror the spiral surface along the sloping line to form the other half of the piece. Join the two parts.
Create a cylinder to form the wall of the hole and use it to trim the solid piece, then use the piece to trim the cylinder.
Join the cylinder to the piece.
Fillet the two ends of the hole with a small radius to improve their appearance.
Use a torus to make the ring.

I’ve left out flattening the face of the piece, but you can work that in if required.

Wrought Pendant.3dm (1.5 MB)


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Sorry for my late response, but thank you very much. That was very helpful!