Adding fill content to empy bottle and lid

Hello There

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am very new to Rhino and modeling in general.

I have been following a tutorial online and manage to make a 3d bottle of my own, however I am confused as to how to get liquid inside the bottle, or make a layer for that so my outer surface is glass and inside content is water, wine etc.

Secondly I am trying to cut the head and put it in another layer so when i render it i can make it different colour and material to the glass bottle, but when I try to select it it only selects the full bottles and not able to selects part i want to cut or change.

Thirdly, please can someone explain why there are 2 similar looking bottles, with 1 being sligthly thinner than the other. the thicker one is the correct shape i want.

Any help or ideas or links to tutorials or ready made files for rhino 3d - 4.0 i’ve seen some with wine bottles adn wine but these are not for rhino. would be really appreciated.

6-bottle-rhino.3dm (1.5 MB)

This tutorial may help although it uses Rhino 5 not 4. The Rhino 5 evaluation works fully for 90 days if you want to try it too.

I see two separate selections in your file. The inner surface is not connected to the outer one so you can delete it if needed. There is also an overlap at the base that I would avoid as well when you model the inner wall of the glass/bottle.

Thank you for the kind reply,

The overlap at the bottom is because I made 1 side of the bottle and did mirror / reflection to get identical symmetry but had to go over little bit to make them join properly. Would appreciate if you can let me know I can rectify it.

Ive checked out the tutorial will try it with the liquid fill inside bottle.

is there any way to cut a part or top of the bottle and paste into new layer so I can render that differently at moment that too is being rendered as glass because its all 1


I’d suggest using a Revolve instead of mirroring half in this case. The overlap I was referring to was the bottom of the bottle as seen from the Front view in Wireframe display mode.

You can use the Copy command and the InPlace option to make a copy of your bottle and then put it on a different layer. Trim or Split the copy and your original remains untouched.

I wonder how a cross-material transparent boundaries are made in render scenes so as they visually appear as direct mediums adjacency, in opposition to a dry sliding contact case.