Model Domo with rectangular structure

Hi Guys, i recently started studying Grasshopper and I’m trying to build a dome with a rectangular structure - for both horizontal and vertical profiles. All I have found on YouTube is about circular structures.Something like this image.


What I have done so far is as follows:
Domo - (9.1 KB)

Thank you for your attention

can you sketch your intended structure?
because technically speaking a dome cannot have an orthogonal structure.
if you’re after a structural system that looks like deformed squares,

here’s the file
Domo - Casca_20.04 [deformed square].gh (15.7 KB)

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Oh! Yes, thank you! I misspoke. I am looking for a dome with a structure in rectangular shapes. I will fill the empty spaces with glass and wood. But what you sent will be very useful, I just have one question:

how do I extrude the rectangular surface?

use offset brep with solid set to true

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thanks!! It worked, i did it :smiley:

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