Model cloud

Can anyone help me model a cloud like in the attached image. I have tried placing spheres in position but I would like to blend the surfaces like they appear in this image.

you need a complete 3 dimensional representation? its not very easy i must admit using onboard tools from rhino, this question with similar clouds was asked not too long from now…

i give you some options i can come up with: the quickest would be probably if you have access to rhino 6 wip there should be something hidden which is called subd with works with mesh and which lets you handle predefined rough geometry to make smooth curved objects depending on the division you have set on the mesh. i dont have wip 6 and also never used it but from what i read it should bring you there fast and organically.

another way would be to use grasshopper and metaballs which is a little bit of work to set it up but could also give you exactly this, there are many 3d apps also free ones like blender which handle metaballs less stressful afaik.

another method maybe not very smooth even though it could help making organic shapes. you take your spheres use the command drape which creates a surface covering the spheres and this you trim along the outline and do the same from the other side blending them together.

last option is to take an ellipsoid with a decent amount of division switch on points and edit it manually maybe also in combination with the gumball, you can also use rebuild to raise or lower the amount of points during the process and use smooth accordingly… and if you are patient you manage that manually in a few minutes.