Rhino model

Hi, I modeled a cloud shape in Rhino. I used SubD loft, but It didn’t work out the way I wanted. Can anybody give me some advice? Thank you very much. The first image is what I did and the second is what I want.

Weixin Image_20231006034400

Dear @zzcfq0725
maybe change the title of your topic to something more specific…“subd cloud like shape”

approach 1

start with a
→ move apart
to get a more ellipsoid like shape.
Move Vertices and / or Faces with gumball

approach 2

use Rhino 8 / Beta
draw a collection of
move them arround to get the desired overall shape
_quadRemesh (to SubD)
… more modifications


Thank you for replying and suggestions. I am going to try it.