Model clipped when zooming perspective window

On the previous build of Rhino for Mac and current build 5A766w when I zoom in the closest part of the model is clipped and I’m not able to edit. Same in wireframe, render and x ray modes.

Went back to build 5A745 but problem persists. Must be something in my settings. Any ideas out there?

Pasted model into a new file - seems to have fixed it.

That should not be necessary. Try this camera reset ‘hack’:

  • select any object
  • zoom → selected
  • This will reset the camera & target, as the problem is the
    relationship between the two.
  • The zoomed object is now the new center of viewport rotation, so it
    fixes that problem as well.

Looks as though I trashed the file so can’t check it - but makes sense this would have been the problem. Thanks Dave.