Modal Dialog Box in the Way of Selection

When placing a leader and trying to assign curve length, the user is placed in a situation where the Leader dialog box cannot be moved to reveal parts of the viewport behind it. In the screen shot below, the curve that I try to select is under the dialog box at the location where the help button is.

Workflow: Leader command > Draw arrow curve > Hit Text Field button > Select CurveLength > Click Select Object button.

I was in a view that I didn’t want to change and started looking for the Text Field dialog box to see if it was hidden somewhere behind other windows. The only way out then is to hit Esc and then cancel the Text Field dialog and then move the Leader dialog.

Side note:
Every time when I have used this feature in the past, it has struck me weird that I was returned to the Text Field dialog after having selected the curve that I wanted. It feels like there is a bit too much clicking going on to achieve this.

Hi Wim - thanks, I’ll check this.


RH-39133 is fixed in the latest WIP