Mobile UI bug for text and scroll

HI, I am reporting problems with my shapediver project.

1:In my project, there is a text input section of shapediver that asks the user to input a message of about 200 characters. On android, there is an arrow in the text input UI, so I can go back and forth even in long sentences. On iOS, user must tap the screen to go back and forth, but it doesnot work. I can go to the front and back of the displayed sentense (only about 30 letters), but I can’t go any further.

Please fix this as soon as possible because the launch day of the project is coming up very soon.

2: The normal UI using Iframe is displayed on a smartphone, the parameters appear below the 3D display section. But when I swipe down the 3D display area to go to the bottom , I can’t go down. I do not need turning and gettin closer 3D objecy in my project. I would like to be able to scrole down using 3d display area if the camera is on the top etc, not perspective. Is this bug? or shapediver’s specification?

I hope the first bug wil be fixed soon!

  1. I do not fully understand the issue. Could you please send a link where the problem can be reproduced? Our team would test on both Android and iOS and identify the issue from there.

  2. Please try to disable rotation in the camera settings of your model and let me know if this behaviour changes.

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THank you for your reply.

1.myUI is like below. I can go back to first letter that is shown on display (this time “n”), but I can not go back to first letter of all sentense (this time “a”) .

I can go back and forth using arrow with andoroid UI

But there is not arrow key on Ios UI, so use long push display and move finger, but the error above is occured with this way.

The test URL of our project is below

The UI is japanese, so it is bit difficult to use to you, sorry.

2.I can not find “disable rotation” button in the camera settings.
Is there other way to disable it??

Sorry for the confusing explanation.
The sentence I typed in the above explanation is


Then, “nopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNO” are shown on display.
I tried to go back to first letter “a” and want to change it, but can not go back, so I can not correct texts…

This bugs is like this.

The text input element of the iframe uses standard native UI elements for which we cannot influence the behaviour on iOS and Android. It seems that the standard text input element on iOS is not appropriate for long strings of characters. We will investigate this more in the future and see if there is a better way to let users enter long texts, but this is not something we will be able to fix in the short term. The alternative would be to develop a specific UI for your application and connect it with the viewer API.

Regarding the camera: you can disable rotation by setting the “Rotation speed” setting to 0.

I understand the situation.

I hope that we will use “textarea” component not only “input” in ShapeDiver in future.

I could not set up the camera as same way as the top view, because of unexpected camera angle rotation.
anyway this is not critical Issues for my project so, I will keep trying it step by step.

Thank you for your reply!