Component "Text curves" displays rotated text in ShapeDiver


I would like to report this small problem that I encountered with my script. I am using the Text curves and I noticed that if my model gets uploaded, there is a discrepancy (text rotated by PI)

I can overcome it by artificially rotate the text, but it feels weird that I need to do that.

Would you advise to use “Text on surface” instead? I did not use it as it takes approximately 2x the time what the “Text curves” need and I have in my real project lots of strings to render.

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I switched the orientation of the text and still no success. :frowning: I also positioned the text so it is aligned by the top left corner with the origin, but then it seems moved just too little. (23.1 KB)

Is there a way around it while not just by “trial and error”?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

The shared ShapeDiver system is still using Rhino 6, which is causing the issue. When I opened your definition in Rhino 6, I got different results than in Rhino 7 because of backwards compatibility issue.
If you plan to keep a free ShapeDiver account, I suggest you always check your definitions in Rhino 6 before uploading them. On the other hand with a paid ShapeDiver plan, you already have the option to use a Rhino 7 server system if the above workaround does not work for you.

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Hi Mathieu, thank you for quick response, I will try it out.

We are running the “PRO” version of ShapeDiver, but I do not see the option of switching to Rhino 7:

Is there anything that I am missing?

I will check with my colleague, when he is back from his holidays (as switch to Rhino 7 may have other consequences for our models that I am not aware of). For now I will try to stick with Rhino 7 as I figured a way around the issue, which is fine for now.

Thank you and I will get back to you, after we discuss it internally next week.
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PRO accounts are legacy accounts which do not include all new features, and in particular do not give you access to the Rhino 7 servers. You can contact our sales team if you would like to switch to one of our new plans (Designer+ for example would give you all the current features you have plus Rhino 7 and other functionalities as well).

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