Feature request ShapeDiver


(Scherzer) #1

I have a request for a (small) feature within Shapediver:
It would be helpful to be able to reverse the direction of the auto rotate in the viewer.
If it would be possible to change the direction text on all vertical cylindrical objects would be better readable, because the object would turn into the direction one proceeds to read the text.

(Mathieu Huard) #2

Sounds like a reasonable request! We are getting ready for a big update of the viewer at the moment, and that’s a small item to add to the list. How about a viewer setting that allows to switch the rotation direction?

(Scherzer) #3

Viewer settings to change the rotation would be great. When can we expect the viewer update?

(Mathieu Huard) #4

We should be able to add it within the next two weeks. I’ll make sure to post here when it’s available.