Miter command got solids/polysurfaces?

Is there a miter command. I do a lot of extruding of moldings into corners. I’d like to boolean split/trim/cut them both at an angle. usually 45. Currently I draw a line and split. I’d love to cut that step. The red line.

i would use this so much!

i started to make a script for it a while ago but didn’t get very far with it.

i was then going to make a request here for someone to make one but didn’t get around to that either.

so, no point other than +1


(oh— but if someone does make a script, please make it Mac compatible :slight_smile: )


Yes. I sometimes use SolidPtsOn to do the same. However, I have often snapped to the wrong point. Also in a room with lots of corners doing it for each gets tedious. Laying in the elements then boolean trim/cut/delete would be much quicker.

that’s the way i do it usually… (moving edges)…

but when you’re doing a lot and doing it often, it gets kinda old

also, depending on the profile, it won’t always work… (so then it’s CutPlane, BooleanSplit, delete unwanted)

@CalypsoArt try

! BooleanSplit Pause InfinitePLane Vertical Pause <45 Pause Enter



Gracias! That speeds up things a bit.