Splitting or trimming commands for dividing objects?

Hi all!

I’ve been working on a project modelling a window with some medieval-style stained glass in it. As you can see in the image (zooming in on one part of the window), the blue objects represent the mullions, and the pink represent the actual glass panels. I realized a faster way of doing it would be to create a large single panel, split it to fit each window opening, and then further split these panels into the smaller geometric pieces, instead of trying to individually model every single panel.

I’ve been having some issues when it comes to the smaller pieces. I’ve been using the split command, but when I run it, the glass panels end up as open surfaces (top and bottom). I’ve posted some pictures here so I hope it makes sense. Basically, I want to split the pink objects down to the smaller individual pieces, but I want to keep these smaller pieces as closed polysurfaces. Any idea on how I could achieve this?

The first image (snip1) is of how I have the objects set up; the second image (snip2) is the outcome of the split command, with the mullions/blue removed. You can see that the split command does work, but not so much in the way i want it to: I want the result to be individual closed polysurfaces instead of just the top and bottom surfaces of each piece, so I’m wondering if I need to run a different command or set my objects up differently. Thanks!

Hello - I would do this all as curves, (CurveBoolean can help) then extrude the curves in the final pattern as solids (ExtrudeCrv > Solid=Yes)