Solid Split

I have two solid by extrude and polysurface, please help me to split the extrude my box.
Please see my file


Tank_from_rhino.3dm (199.8 KB)

Hi corona, not sure I understand what you want but, there is a tool in the solid toolbar called cylinder. If you know the diameter and height, it might be just as fast to go that route. —-Mark

I want split my box (type closed extrusion) with object internal (type closed solid polysurface) to make box with hole inner.


Hi, again not sure , but you could try is making a cylinder the diameter you want and a length longer than the box, then Boolean Difference the box by the cylinder.—-Mark

hi, the difference fails because of this coincidence:

you can make the box a bit bigger and cut it after the difference

Thank you
But it is information from designer, this circle top I use to make loft surface.
I make it in autocad is done I want to make in Rhino
Please see autocad file
Tank_from_autocad.dwg (61.1 KB)

Hello - I would work at the surface level - that is a tough one for intersecting the surfaces when they are coincident at the edges. (it is a good test case for the developers on the other hand)

Explode the objects
Split or Trim the lower plane with the small cylinder
Delete the top planes from both pieces.
Join all the remaining surfaces
Cap the result.

Tank_from_rhino_Solid.3dm (340.6 KB)


Delete the box and use the BoundingBox command for the circular object then use the BooleanDifference with the new box.

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