Missing textures when exported as .3ds


I am having a problem with the export as 3ds on rhino.
We are working in a team of 2 people, and building 3D models in rhino to later export as 3ds and import in Archicad.

The problem we are encountering is that when I export as 3ds, all the textures come with the exported model. However when my colleague does the exact same export process the textures don’t get exported.

Somehow it seems that when he exports, rhino does not save the texture with the 3ds file?

When I open the two different 3ds files, one is with the texture and one is without?
Can I upload them somewhere?

Any help?

Hi Bartolomeus,

You can upload here:



it does not support .3ds files.

But it turned out there was a problem on my colleagues computer, some settings he had that did not show the texture.