Missing linework in detail views. (This is NOT related to on/off status in Layers dialog.)

From searching the forum, this appears to be a persistent problem. But, I couldn’t determine if a fix has been found, so I’ll re-raise the issue. Here are the starting conditions:

  • I’m using Rhino 5
  • I’ve created multiple layouts as drafting sheets for details.
  • Multiple (usually 6) clipping planes have been used to limit the visible elements that need to show.
  • Pen mode is used in the details.

Frequently, I’ll find that linework is missing in the detail views.

When the display is in this state, the missing lines do not print, export to PDF, etc. However, if I fool around with random items—such as moving a leader, or switching to another layout and moving some element that should be displayed in the detail—the missing lines will suddenly appear.

I thought I had solved this problem when I finally learned that I had to have the global visibility of all of my layers turned on, in order to be able to control them in detail viewports. However, this doesn’t solve the problem.

Thanks, in advance, for any help or suggestions you can offer.

SPU-DWW.3dm (19.4 MB)