Missing licenses section in Rhino options {solved]



update - No idea what’s changed but it’s working properly now.

I just stumbled on something odd, my license options have completely disappeared. We use the Zoo at my office so I’m currently unable to check out a license, but Rhino works fine inside the building. The only changes I’ve made lately is installing the latest WIP (which is also having license problems but i don’t know if they’re related).


(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi CountryGolden - I’m checking on this thanks.


(Brian Gillespie) #4

@CountryGolden is this screen shot from Rhino 5 SR14? Or Rhino WIP?


@brian Sorry for the confusion. This is Rhino 5 SR14, I only mentioned the WIP because it’s the only recent change I could think of that may have affected something.