Missing beams in Beam View

Dear experts,

The horizontal beams in my cross-bracing tower disappear as soon as I select “Utilization” in Beam View component at Render Settings sub-menu. However, they seem to be present in calculations…

Utilization unselected:

Utilization selected:

I´m using the student edition of Karamba3D 1.3.2 - build 200205 for RHINO 6. Here it is the GH file with internalized data: MissingBeams.gh (80.0 KB)

Would you help me to find what is wrong?

Thanks for your help!

PS: This happens on two different computers.


there seems to be some errors in internalised models. We will look at this in more detail. However do you have the definition before you internalised the different components? It would be interesting to see if this problem occurs with the standard definition.

Hi Matthew, thanks a lot for the quick response!

This is the GH file No-internalised: MissingBeamsNoInternal.gh (152.9 KB)

Hi @Vigardo,
what Version and build did you use for creating the definition?
Could it be, that the build or version number of Karamba3D on the two computers you used for opening the definition does not match?
– Clemens

Hi Clemens and thanks for taking a look to my issue.

I used the same version on both computes, but the definition has been developed discontinuously for some months. In fact, I had to update some “old” Karamba components upon upgrading to Karamba3D 1.3.2 - build 200205 from a previous version. Perhaps, I realized the missing beams problem upon updating an “old” MatProps Karamba component.

Does this help?

Hi @Vigardo,
the internalization of Karamba3D objects depends on the binary serializer of C#, which is very sensitive with regards to the exact layout of the objects being serialized. Normally serialization works only in case of matching version and build numbers of Karamba3D.

Hi Clemens,

If I understood you well, the problem should not be a version mismatch between serializer sensitivity to different Karamba versions since the problem still remains with the no-internalized version.

What would I do to fix this issue?

Hi @Vigardo,

sorry, I misunderstood the part with the missing preview of some model parts.

I think the problem with the vanishing elements was caused by a WIP version of Karamba3D. The default material was not assigned and led to an error when calculating the utilization. Please see the attached definition where I added an input for the material at the components for the cross section definitions. Now it seems to work:
MissingBeamsNoInternal_cp.gh (150.0 KB)

I also didn´t realize that Material entry was missing for trapezoidal horizontal beams.

Thank you very much Clemens!