Model view errors karamba model 1.3.1 on karamba 1.3.2


I had a visualisation problem when i update my karamba (version 1.3.1 to 1.3.2)

It’s seem if i connect nothing in Ids/Breps, the beamView component doesn’t work.

On the previous version 1.3.1, if you didn’t connect anything on Ids/Breps, the complete structure was taken. (224.7 KB)

I know i have old karamba components but even if I update them the problem remains


Hi @keuj.84,
it seems that the error results from the fact that you are modifying the cross section which does not exist and then there are errors when visualizing the cross section. If you plug a default cross section into the Modify Cross Section component then you should be able to see all the beams in the BeamView.

hi @matttam

Thank you for your answer.

Effectly its working now.
Good to know, I often use this type of beam to model my rigid links.

hi @keuj.84, thats what I assumed. We will try to fix the component in the future release so that there is always a default cross section in the ModifyCrosSec.