Mirroring objects in perspective mirrors around vertical (z) axis

I swear this behavior just started. I used to be able to instantiate the mirror command and choose two points along a vertical face and have the object (a circle in the screenshot) mirror to the other side of the displayed line between the points. I thought it was just an issue with the file I was working on (I tried resetting the Cplane), but it happens in newly created files too. In order to correctly mirror the circle, I had to work in the front view. I swear it didn’t used to do this - I work almost exclusively in the perspective view.

start of the mirror command:

object is mirroring around the vertical axis:

what I want:

Hello- the mirror plane is always vertical to the current CPlane unless you choose an option to override that (like 3Point)


Huh, I swear it wasn’t always like this…but you’d be the last person I’d argue with about Rhino. Adapting my workflow to use 3Point. Thank you!

Quick question - I use keyboard shortcuts to call commands - is it possible to call the mirror command with 3Point already turned on?


! _Mirror _pause _3Point

should do it.


Ahh, that’s how you use “Pause”. Thank you.

The Pause allows the macro to pause for selection if there is no pre-selection. It will work without it if objects are pre-selected…