Mirror Command

While watching a tutorial I saw a command like this. What is the name of this command?

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as far as I know that is not a native Rhino icon.

I guess it’s a set of two commands:
_Mirror _X
_Mirror _Y

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So is it difficult to add this? And how can I add it?

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The Rhinoceros Help explains the process

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Hi !
A quick question -
How do you get standard icons with different colors ?
Thanks !

In Rhino 7 you can edit the colors in the internal button bitmap editor or an external paint program.

In Rhino 8 the icons are vector based, the internal editing capacity is currently limited, you will probably need to edit the .svg button files in an external editor.


Hi ! My mistake , I thot this was a RH-6 thread . I’ll re-post over there :+1:.
Thanks -
C .

Rhino 6 is the same as Rhino 7 regarding icon bitmap editing.

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