Minimum surface tent

Hi everyone!
I ask for help with the formation of a minimum surface between circles along the height of the surface. All my attempts to formulate a definition have failed. Circles are pipes on which an awning is stretched. Does anyone have an idea how to make the shape in GH?
min_surf.3dm (7.9 MB)

For whatever it’s worth, here is an image of the contents of your Rhino file. However, I don’t understand your explanation or objective at all.

P.S. The file has a VAST number of layers?!

12 curves, 2 surfaces added to selection.

I selected the ten circular curves (internalized in this GH file), sorted them by Z and lofted them.

Minimum surface (6.0 KB)

P.S. This adds a slight radius to the circular edges:

Minimum surface (11.3 KB)

Guessing wildly about what you want?

Here is a completely different approach that creates the pipes and gets the tangent lines between their circular cross sections. The result is nine separate surfaces between the ten rings (pipes) that don’t quite touch each other. With a little more work, the nine lines produced by TanEx (Tangent Lines External) could be connected by the circular arc between their ends, making a single surface.

Minimum surface (23.1 KB)

As expected, it was quite a bit more work… but worth it if that’s what you want?
See white group labeled “Connect Line Segments with Circle Fragments”:

Minimum surface (28.0 KB)

NOTE: Some of this code (seam alignment) could be skipped if you had created the circles consistently, preferably using GH.

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Joseph. Many thanks, I apparently have errors and only one desire to get minimal surfaces between the pipes. Perhaps minimal surfaces with your approach this is the best option. If there are examples of Frey Otto’s work, I will be very grateful to you. I create meshes and membranes on arches and rings. Sometimes it’s easier for me to make a model out of materials. Grasshopper for me is a tool for understanding algorithms and mathematics in which I have little understanding.


I don’t understand why some people post questions and then apparently wait a long time before looking for answers and continuing the conversation? I have no idea who Frey Otto is and have nothing more to say beyond my replies a month ago.

Context aside, It would definitely be worth your time to find out. His work is incredible and you’d surely enjoy what he achieved.




I apologize for the long answer. I was in the hospital.