Surface between Edges (Minimal Surface)

Hello Guys,
is there a smarter way to model this surface between these circles? At the end the plan is to realize it with a net/mesh (10x10cm) structure. So in the second step it would be nice to simulate a fabric, like minimal surface.

It also need to work if i increase the amount of circles.

Edge (17.4 KB)

I would be very happy about a feedback. Thanks.

Here’s one way to get the minimal surface spanning these curves: (12.9 KB)

Or a different way to do it with a quad mesh: (18.8 KB)


Hi Daniel,

thanks a lot. There are unrecognized objects in my definition. Is there a plugin which i need to install, or is there something missing in my standard tools?


This is working well! Thanks a lot.

QuadRemesh is a feature in Rhino 7

Nice. I will try that. Thanks a lot!