Middle Mouse Button Problems

Hello McNeel team,
When working with R8, I am unable to control my middle mouse button popup menu.
There is no way,I could just drag it to edit the icons, like I did in R7.
Furthermore the existing icons look blurry and not as crisp as the rest:

any idea what is the problem here?



go to windows>toolbars>popup

that will open that specific tool bar in its own container. you can then edit the tool bar as usual.

Hi Kyle,
thank you for your suggestion, however it only partially solves the issue…
while I can now edit the popup (I still prefer the older, faster way of just dreagging the popup a bit to get into the editable mode…) as you can see in the attached video, it is
a) resizing the popup window for some reason
b) the popup window somehow becomes blurry (you have to open the image in another tab or download it to see it since it gets scaled down here…)

popup blurry

yep, I see that. Lots of work still happening here, expect it to change several times before we get it dialed in.