Microphone Mesh

Hi all!

I decided to write this post because I want help with something about “how-to-model”.

See the reference picture:


I found a solution using displacement maps but first, I tried some ways to model this in Rhino without luck.

Any ideas?


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Hej Luis,

in production, meshes like this are formed with tooling (I worked on many loudspeakers with meshes, grilles and the like). You would not want to 3D model it in CAD. If, however, you need the mesh for a rendering, you can better obtain it via texture mapping.

I used Grasshopper and Kangaroo to do this but I don’t find the discussion on Grasshopper3d.com !!!
Here is an example file and GH script
drape_microphone.3dm (356.3 KB)
0081Mesh_drape_microphone.gh (78.6 KB)

Here when you have your mesh, you need to weave
Weaving Patern on Surface from Alireza Akhoundi.gh (73.1 KB)
Surface2WeaveScript.3dm (102.2 KB)


Here the link in Grasshopper

Looks pretty darn good! Nice job.

Your result is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!

You are welcome.
It was difficult to find the discussion in Grasshopper, because the initial question was deleted by author :frowning:

Hi all! Sorry for the delay! I wanted to publish my result after some tests. Hope you like it!


Hi guys, i am trying to make the exact same thing but with a strained surface

But the result isn’t clean at all…

Do you mean you want that bumpy texture wrapped onto the shape?


try using a base surface made by revolution. not a planar square surface trimmed.

its working ! but we loose the strained surface…

Ok, this is the effect i would like to make

and apply this texture like this product

Any idea how to make this work using Rhino 6 for Mac where plugin support is nonexistent? Thanks!!

Helllo, what plugin are missing ? From there it seems that there is just Kangaroo 1.
here a version using Kangaroo 2 (I hope)

drape microphone mesh.gh (153.2 KB)


Nice visual style! how are you rendering it?

I used rendered mode in Rhino and I just added some sun and 360° environment. Here “AC Gava Bath”.