Messed up my Display Settings

Having trouble seeing my work because I played around with the settings for my Shaded display. I click ‘restore defaults’ but it doesn’t go back to the original…
Please help.

Each page in Options has a Restore Defaults button on the bottom for this very reason.

Any luck?

No luck, when I click restore default it still remains funky like the image I showed… I don’t know what I did to mess it up so much.

Click restore defaults on all display modes in blue. Restart rhino

I restored all displays and restarted Rhino. Still nothing.

do the same for appearance and its subsection “colors”

if that doesn’t work, check advanced settings, click on “only display modified values” and check if there is anything related to appearance,UI, theme that might not be default

Thank you! It was the Appearance section I needed to reset. Cheers Adel.

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