Message: values can not be displayed

I uploaded model, but it behaves strange in shapediver viewer (model sofa). Sometimes it works good, but very often I am getting the message: “we are sorry results for these parameter values can not be displayed”.
Additionally, sometimes materials are loaded at the begining of the session, but after a while and after changing parameter, they dissapeared ( model is gray)

How long do your model updates take in Grasshopper typically? It sounds like your model times out becomes it takes longer than the maximum allowed time.
About the materials not correctly displayed: did you make sure to hide all geometry in ShapeDiver except for the ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry components?

Probably computation time makes problem. All other geometry is hidden. Currently, on updated model version it makes problem with the material 1 and “varijacija” 4 parameter. If I choose simple sofa model “varijacija” 2 it works better

By inspecting your model with the API, I can see that there are a number of “Filter” components in your definition which are not hidden and contain heavy meshes:

I think they produce the material issues and also slow down your definition since the meshes have to be downloaded every time. I think if you hide them and reupload it, it should work much better.

Thank you. Its working better now!

I test model again, with completely optimized geometry and textures ( I reduce No polys from 14.000 to 5.700 and change all textures from 2K to 1K) and only add few meshes as a shadow fake on the floor level.

Model works good and fast in most cases, but makes problem with parameters> “Varijacija kauca=3” and material “materijal=2”
All grasshopper components are hidden.
Is it computation time problem again or there is something else?