MeshSplit problem

Hi Giulio,

I’ve just run into a few mesh split problems, and I was going to open a new thread, but found this one and thought that I might just post it here - if it’s better to open new threads please let me know.

I’m attaching a definition with some split problems.

2022-02-09 - Mesh Split (340.1 KB)

By the way, all the cases work in Rhino 6.

It is usually possible to find a workaround for the individual cases (changing the mesh resolution, rebuilding the inputs, merging vertices by distance) but it is mostly guesswork, and the problem is when there are automated processes.

By the way, is it currently possible to use the Mesh Split component from Rhino 6 in Rhino 7?

Thank you!

PS is it helpful to post these examples? Or is it always related to the issue you mentioned?

Hi @Marco_Traverso

I moved the discussion to this new thread. Yes, please, start new threads in situations like this. You might not have the same issue and might not be using the same version of Rhino as the other user. It also becomes very complicated, to follow what each sample is about and where.

I see these problems, and logged RH-67397.

There is currently no way to switch to the old code in V7 for MeshSplit in Grasshopper.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi @piac ,

OK, I will do.

Thanks for the answer.

I might run into similar problem again (I often work with this type of geometries). If it happens I’ll open a new thread in case it’s a different issue.



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