MeshSplit problem


There appears to be an issue with the Mesh.split function in R7.4.

I’m trying to split this mesh but it fails. The are no errors with the mesh but it won’t split both in Rhino and GH.

The issue seems to be where the splitting geometry (box) is located. Moving it 1m north for example allows the split.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

Changing the tollerance to Literal helps in Rhino but the GH component doesn’t have this setting.

edit - not sure why but not capping the cutting shape allows the split to happen

Meshsplit.3dm (1.5 MB)

HI Paul @parametricmonkey1

thanks for sending this. I created a YouTrack item to keep track of this: RH-63626.

Thanks again for the report,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates