Mesh split problem

i am trying to split this mesh:

with these solids:

but it does not work,
i have look at many previous post, but nothing worked.

help please. (2.4 MB)


Which one ? Post a link it will be more easy to follow.

Here I used my plugin Nautilus. You will have to move a bit the polylines in order to be near the mesh you want to cut. Not sure what is what as there is no indications.
It take ~1.5 minutes to calculate.


Thank you!
what you show on your screen shot is exactly what i want,
does the plugin works for rhino 6 too?

No it doesn’t work on rhino 6. I ll send you the mesh.
Here with mesh cutted internalized. If there is an error it is normal (no presence of Nautilus plugin) (6.2 MB)

Thank you, not bad!
though it does not make all the cuts .

I just used the first mesh.

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ah yes, i wanted to cut with all 3 of them.

I will try in a few hours

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I can’t do better than this at the moment with My Nautilus plugin, 6017 meshes.

There are some problems I must tackle, here I use the automated version so it took polyline and extrude them using the mesh normal (the one you want to split).

mesh (7.9 MB)
I didn’t test with R7 but R7 has some problems. I hope they will be resolved in R9.

Thank you! it is perfect, already much more than i expected

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