Meshmachine alternative for mac?

I have used meshmachine a lot in order to triangulate a planar surface very efficiently in Grasshopper on Windows.

Is there any method to do it on Mac as meshmachine isn’t compatible with Grasshopper on a mac? I searched for mesh+ but again it isn’t compatible with mac.

I hadn’t realised it wasn’t working on Mac. What error do you get?

There’s no error. The component doesn’t show up at all.
In windows, after installing meshmachine, a toolbar for Kangaroo version 1 shows up.
In mac, that is not there at all. I think because Kangaroo v1 isn’t compatible with mac because mac isn’t listed on Food 4 Rhino for the compatibility.

Do the SimpleRemesh or RemeshByColour components in Kangaroo2 help you at all?
I know the SimpleRemesh often fails, but RemeshByColour is almost the same code as MeshMachine

Unfortunately not. I’m in pursuit of a permanent alternative to meshmachinefor mac.

I made this script on my windows laptop though.

mesh (34.6 KB)

Just for comparison, here’s your example with the parameters changed to show a similar result from MeshByColour
mesh (37.1 KB)

Thanks a lot! This is getting intriguing. The script you shared works totally fine. However, I made another closed surface similar to one but larger in size, and this is what I got.

I didn’t touch anything in your script. I just made a new flat surface. That’s it!

I think this might be caused by the initial meshing. The remesher doesn’t like triangles which span all the way from one fixed edge to another (or another side of the same fixed edge). If you change the MeshBrep settings so Simple Planes is off, and the Max Edge Length is something close to your target length it might work.

You can check out the Instant Meshes component @dale whipped up. Triangular meshes with Instant Meshes sometimes don’t follow naked edges too well as a fair warning. In general, I find Instant Meshes more reliable/faster than Mesh Machine but it doesn’t offer the same level of control. RemeshByColour being a very unique feature of MeshMachine.

Here’s what I’m getting.

Not exactly the same result as yours.
mesh (36.1 KB)

Thanks I will try this and get back.