Meshing hell

Have fun trying to mesh this object
Meshing has apparently not improved in V6, and to be honnest, it is still as bad as 10 years ago.
I managed to get a clean mesh using MOI 3D.

The slider is a farce, and the so-called “detailed options” too since most parameters are utterly ignored ; in particular the aspect ratio.
Thin parts with rounded edges exibit awful creases.

The only way to get decent meshes is to make them with GH+Kangaroo, or use another software altogether.

zero problem with the correct settings.

set all your mesh settings to zero-

set your initial quads to 50, your max edge length to 5, and your distance to surface to .01 leave the rest zeroed out, and uncheck all boxes

download result here-

Hi Theoutside, thanks for taking the time.
I got an actual mesh already, from MOI 3D.

The “Simple settings” with “Fewer meshes” should work all the time, period, even if it outputs super coarse meshes.
The problem with the “detailed controls” is that , as you point out, most of them had better stay at “zero” because in fact, they are complete BS.

It seems to me that zero work/thought has gone into improving meshing.
If not, I’d like to see concrete examples.

we can agree to disagree…the meshing controls in rhino are actually pretty powerful if you are willing to sort through the settings-

I did a very extensive video for all things 3d printing/ meshing here: take a peek, and see if any of it helps-

fwiw, moi makes really nice meshes…so your workflow is completely valid in my opinion…
best regards-


Please try the new “mesh2” command.


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