New mesher prototype in Rhino WIP

Mesh2 is a new type of mesher in Rhino WIP 2017-Sep-19.

It can be used to mesh single objects just like the standard Rhino mesher. It is also capable of meshing multiple objects into compatible meshes without having to join the objects themselves. Mesh2 supports presets for meshing parameters. It has groups feature to select layers whose objects need compatible meshes.

In this image 4 surface objects are meshed together. Preview shows naked edges in magenta.

Detailed instructions how to use Mesh2 mesher

Mesh2 is part of the WIP process and will not be included in Rhino 6.

All feedback is much appreciated!


No such tool available via the command line in WIP Sep-19. Not listed among plugins either.


// Rolf

That’s odd - sounds like a problem with the installer. It works here.


Funny this, I checked that I had the Sep-19 version of WIP (I did have, according to About info). But not until I closed WIP it started to upgrade (it had upgraded something before too, but I don’t know what it upgraded). So now after a second restart I find the command inplace.

In short, you have a problem with the installer, not me. :wink:

Anyway, now the Mesh2 command is there.

// Rolf

Oh! Very nice features! Some of them very useful to export models for FEA :slight_smile:


That’s great. :slight_smile: Often missed for rendering.

I wonder that there is no standard angle option at the simple mesher parameters.

Micha, that’s right. Here’s how you can convert your simple settings to advanced:

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It´s a pity if it won’t make it to RH6… already amazed by the capacities.

On the other side: I tried to get a clean mesh like known from MoI3D, but don’t found the settings. Could be nice to get the mesher working like at MoI3D - simple to control and clean results. Only the max error distance and the new compatible mesh feature is missing at the MoI3D mesher.

Interesting is the filleted cube test. If I create a fresh filleted cube at MoI3D and create a mesh, than I get a perfect mesh. Same done at Rhino doesn’ looks so good.


1.I don’t see any presets. There should be an all quad preset and all tri preset.
2. I like that it highlights with a text dot what is wrong with the mesh but it still doesn’t show exactly the surface that is wrong and where it is located it merely adds a text dot not useful really. It should at least highlight the offending surface’s and then add the dot, as well the dot should be grouped with the bad geometry so that if one clicks the text dot it highlights the bad mesh part and not just the text dot.
3. What are the settings to get all quads out of this mesher?
Thanks for any help.

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  1. There are no presets initially. Check the Presets section how to set them up and copy them.
  2. You can select the dot and run Mesh2ZoomSelected. It should highlight and zoom to the component that is causing the problem. See Result section for more info.
  3. Mesh2 doesn’t do quads.

@Micha and @3dsynergy, I’ve added option to run quadrangulation as a post process.


HI all,

I’m trying this since the regular Mesher in V6 is not meshing properly a polysurface with a lot of holes. This so far is not helping either. Also it’s crashing a lot and AFAIK there’s no cancel operation when it’s meshing.

Who in McNeel wants to take a look at my file? Thanks!


This is @Jussi_Aaltonen territory. If you have a file do upload with, or of small enough perhaps direct discourse message to him could help.


Thanks for the new command. One cosmetic remark: I think the Polygon count might be better placed below the results section so it cannot be confused with beeing a meshing parameter.


@gustojunk, please send the model and I’ll take a look. See nathanletwory’s comment below.

I filed the bug so it won’t be forgotten:

Thanks @clement. Filed your request:

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Thank you @Jussi_Aaltonen and @nathanletwory, Jussi, I send you a private message with screenshots and link to file.



Decided to take a quick look at Moi3d and test its mesher. I created filleted box with both Moi3d and Rhino and then previewed meshing of Moi3d obj-export and Rhino Mesh2 command.
Moi’s polysurface:

and Rhino’s polysurface:

What is odd in my opinion is that meshing result seems to depend more on the polysurface than the mesher.


Conclusions: Moi’s mesher works better!
Needless to turn around. Even in this case Rhino shows little attention to this kind of priority features, in my opinion.