Meshing a SubD, mesh settings not available

When I use the _Mesh command for a SubD object the options window for detailed meshing options opens, but changing options do not seem to have any effect.
Do I have to convert to polySurfaces first to be able to choose different mesh settings?

When running Mesh on a SubD, just use the Simple controls slider and the Preview button. This will walk you through subdivision levels. Does that help? If you wanted the Detailed controls you could use ToNURBS first as you mentioned.

We have some stuff on the pile regarding SubD objects and custom render mesh settings which is the same as the detailed controls. I added your vote to those as well, thanks.

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I am trying in grasshopper to covert a sub d to a mesh to give it a thickness but it give me sharp edges and awkward issues, what should I do,
Thank you

Hi @fatima ,

Can you make a new post and add the GH file and any referenced 3dm file to it to explain your question?

thank you for your reply can you check this post: