Meshes not displaying Section Attributes in Section View

Hi VA team, thanks for all your help and quick replies.

I don’t seem to be able to get the Section Attributes applied to section views on Mesh objects.Images below shows a polysurface on the left (red box) and 3 meshes on the right, none of the section attributes whether section line or fill is applied to the section view (behind). They do show in 3d view though, but in the section view everything comes in black.

Also I seem to get weird results with complex large meshes such as topographic meshes, in which each triangle is show rather than a smooth outline and a section line, all I get is a shattered bunch of lines. I’m not that surprised about this result, as it has always been a bit problematic to get smooth results with meshes in the past, with Section Tools, or even the new make2d for meshes in R6. any ideas? See in the second screenshot below how even the mesh that shown fine in the the first screenshot becomes just a bunch of lines in the presence of a larger complex mesh.

Thanks Again!

Hi @jfernand15,

Can you please send me the model to Section attributes should work fine on meshes.

This could a bug in the code of VisualARQ that tries to determine the hidden/visible edges of the mesh, or a bug in the Rhino code that performs section/boolean operation on meshes. Can you please send me also this model so I can take a look?



Hi Enric, thanks for that, please see attached file in both R5 and R6. I’m having issues with meshes in both. I R5 any mesh that is cut by the section line wont show in section view, but will show if it’s only elevational (nit curt that is). Thanks for your help! I can’t sen you the file with the massive topography at the moment but will try at some point.

va mesh sectin test.3dm (8.1 MB)va mesh sectin test R5.3dm (8.2 MB)

Hi @jfernand15,

I’ve been able to reproduce the bug. The problem is that VisualARQ was using the document tolerance when computing the mesh boolean to section the meshes, and it seems this is not correct. Rhino commands MeshBooleanXxxxx use a default tolerance much smaller (less tolerant). After changing the tolerance to the same values that Rhino commands use, your meshes are shown in the section.

I’ll publish here a preview version of VisualARQ 2.1.3 with this fix soon, after we run some tests on it, as we want to make sure we haven’t broke anything with this change.



Thanks Enric,

Not an expert in Rhino tolerance, thanks for figuring it out!

I’m having another issue with the speed of updating views since I updated to 2.1.2. I’ve tested same file in both releases in R6 and whilst a section updated in seconds in 2.1.1, it seems to get stuck at 0% or 33% ‘ViualARQ:Regenerating Graphics’ in 2.1.2. Is this a known issue? Thanks again!

Hi @jfernand15,

No, this is not a known issue. Can you send me the model to and I’ll take a look? I’ll include the fix in VisualARQ 2.1.3.


Hi @jfernand15,

Thanks for sending the file. I’ve been able to fix the issue in VisualARQ 2.1.3. My plan is to publish it tomorrow.


@jfernand15 VisualARQ 2.1.3 fixes this error and it is already available to download: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.1.3 released