Section Attributes not exporting properly


I am facing an issue about Section Attributes. Everything is working fine with the rest of my model but for some geometries, the Section Attributes are not exporting.

Here is what I see in the Layout view:

And here is what I see in the Print dialog box (and also in the exported PDF):


Here are the polysurface Section Attributes:


The same section attributes are applied on other objects, which are working fine in other layouts, but it seems like for some layouts, the plan view won’t work properly the model.

This may be a useful information: some layouts are working fine and others are not, but I can not think of what I may have done differently.

If you need anything to reproduce this issue, let me know,

Hi @antoine3 please check in each detail viewport that the model is sectioned. If you copied the details, the cut plane or sections might have been disabled, so you will need to activate them manually in each detail. If the problem persists, please share a file that we can revise.

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Hi @fsalla,

Thank you for your answer, I tried doing that, but it still won’t work. Here is a file to test on your side:

22001-troubleshoot.3dm (2.5 MB)

  • I cleaned up everything else but the geometries that are messing, and I left two layouts: on which is working and the other on which won’t export correctly.
  • When I try creating a new Layout, it reproduces the buggy behaviour (not displaying the section pattern and lineweight).

Thank you,

I figured it out, I was in Wireframe display mode in the Detail viewport instead of Hidden display mode.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your fast support!

No problem, you are welcome!

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