Mesh won't weld after joining

Hi, I made a script that extrudes mesh faces and it used to work just fine, but now in the 2 or 3 latest builds (that I have tested) it fails to join the parts properly. I know the new part has the wrong direction, but it won’t weld the seams even if I split-disjoined-mesh and manually flips that part and then joins them up again.

join mesh and weld fails.3dm (25.8 KB)

Hi Jorgen - AlignMeshVertices fixes it… at .001 it claims to adjust 15 vertices. The mesh then behaves better and loses the nakeds along the skinny quads. Question is, I guess, how did it get unaligned?

The vertices are not identcal along those polys - List shows me, for two vertices on one of the corners:

(3.8131279945373535, -9.1872243881225586, 19.87236213684082)
(3.813128092030003, -9.1872243252741139, 19.872361269567616)


Hi Pascal, I guess the mother-question is “are they really unaligned?” since the values are so far within tolerance.

But yeah, how did they get unaligned? I made a script that extracts the mesh faces, then moves those faces along a vector, then makes the new faces and joines them up. And this script used to work great but not now. So what happened?

Since the values are within the tolerance settings it should work, don’t you think?