Mesh with Material (picture) to Unity

OK, I admit it. After trying several times to export a Mesh (having a picture as material) from Rhino (.obj) to Unity, I don’t seem to be able to get the picture show up on the mesh in Unity.

The problem could be in either end, a Rhino export setting, or that I do something wrong in Unity. I’m using Unity 2018.3.

Can someone with experience show me the simplest possible example of:

  1. an example Rhino mesh with a picture mapped to the surface.
  2. exported (via .obj) with the correct options
  3. import the mesh into Unity (I’ve tried “Import New Asset” which brings it in, but no texture).
  4. how to import the texture.
  5. How to apply it to the mesh.
  6. (I have an Asset (Mesh to Terrain) which converts the mesh to Terrain once the mesh is OK).

Or, links to instructions that actually explains the steps so I can make it work. I must be missing something obvious.

// Rolf

I watched a video once and I believe the correct approach is the import the mesh then attach the texture in the mesh in unity separatly. In the properties of the mesh there is a square thingy where you drag-drop the image.

I don’t remember exactly and I don’t have Unity installed. Look for it.

perhaps this will help:

That video was a bit old. But I have come so far, meaning

  1. I have imported the mesh, check.
  2. I have imported the Picture, check. (as material, which can be seen in the bottom left corner of Fig 1. below)
  3. I also have applied that material on the mesh (Fig 2), check. :

Fig 1. The Mesh and the Material place in the Unity scene:

Fig 2. The Material applied to the Mesh.


But the result looks rather dark… I cannot discern anything from the picture at any zoom distance.

Someone must have experience with something as essential as this.

// Rolf

Here’s the video I was thinking about:

Out of curiosity, have you tried fbx instead of obj. Fbx is like obj but can also keep other data like materials.

Yes, it seems that .Obj and .Fbx are the two options, but that didn’t end well either. It must be that I don’t define the material in the correct way so that Unity can pick it up. Decal doesn’t work, Picture material doesn’t work, so I don’t know what more to try. I have not dealt with material and textures before so all this stuff is mostly gibberish to me. But I will try some more tricks before I give up.

// Rolf

Hm, FBX actually works, sort of (I still need to import the picture separately though) but, the mesh is rotated 180 degrees round the flipped Y (up) axis.

So, after import I need to rotate the mesh, but then the directions of the mesh is bananas (red X should point to the right and blue Z in the opposite direction as well. Plus the fact that the mesh stands vertical (rotated -90 about X on export). The export seems completely messed up.

So after rotation 180º about Y the mesh “looks right” but the axes & the gimbal is wrong:


This need to rotate 180º seems to me to be a bug in the R6 fbx export. What would @pascal say about these rotations?

// Rolf

Here’s the FBX export settings from Rhino which I used for the above:


This is how it comes in when importing into Unity (this view is from the “back side” of the vertical mesh. Compare the Gumball’s X (red) axis with the World axes in the upper right corner (everything is wrong, we have Z up and X is flipped… :slight_smile: