Put a jpg on a polygone mesh - how?


I am a Rhino beginner and have issues to get a jpg on a polygon mesh. The picture shall be skewed to fit on the mesh.

Here is what I did jet:

I used rhinoterrain to import a mesh from google earth, which also extracts the related picture as a jpg. I get a nice 3D mesh with the perfect fitting picture on it. So far, so good.

Now I wanted to create this again using a pointcloud. So I imported again from GE, but this time I got the point cloud, which I also get without problems. Next step was to create a polygon mesh from the pointcloud. This mesh now has a constant colour and I want to to lay down my jpg on this mesh now. For that, I choose properties - material and add the jpg to the texture. But nothing happens to my surface.

So then I checked the texture mapping in the properties and there was no channel activated (it is also no texture mapping channel in the first import, where it works fine). I managed to get some texture on my surface with the spheric or cuboid texture mapping but I did not made it to have the jpg on the mesh.
I have this issue in general with all polygon meshes I create from a point cloud…

So, what am I doing wrong?

Regards, Arv

ps.: sorry for my english, it is my second language

Just in case this is a simple oversight, do you have your view mode in Rendered View?

Materials will only appear in a rendered mode.

yes, i activated the rendered mode

This is the mesh-import, which works fine incl. the jpg

Tongario_Mesh_Import.3dm (458.5 KB)

And here is the Mesh, which was created from the pointcloud

Tongario_Pointcloud_Import.3dm (370.6 KB)


You need to apply texture mapping to the point cloud derived mesh.

As a quick test, simply apply Planar texture mapping and the JPEG of the assigned material will appear.

Does that work for you?

_ApplyPlanarMapping: this command wants me to define a rectangle for boundary. but then the jpg is just projected on the mesh. I want it to be blurred to have the hole picture on the mesh. Like it is in the Mesh_Import file…

_ApplySurfceMapping: nothing happens…