Mesh WeldVertices / Mesh Weld / Weld have no effect on my mesh gaps

I need help welding together the Box Array crystal units, when the units meet, the naked edges don’t occlude well and are interrupted by small gaps, Mesh WeldVertices has not solved the problem, any idea why?

weld vertices (19.4 KB)


Are those actual geometry gaps, or simply a result of too coarse of a render mesh to capture your shapes?

try tools>options>mesh>faster and slower

then apply… any better?

changing this setting has not solved the problem unfortunately.

please help, anyone

Mesh Weld vertices works for ONE mesh. It will not look at MANY meshes as one.
Join Mesh could join all meshes in one mesh BUT the topology outputted by Quad Remesh at the ends is not good to join meshes, garbage in => garbage out
You used Weld Vertices with a tolerance of 0.01 which seems too little

And for the isosurface you forgot to weld vertices !!!

So I did a little testing, the gap was not caused by the boolean toggle for the Iso Surface merge vertices since I tried altering that before (although it made it smoother), but rather the problem was that I should not have placed Quad Remesh anywhere before Mesh Join. you were right about that.

Thank you so much! problem solved. :tada: