Mesh welding fails for radial topology?


Does anybody know why joining and welding fails for the highlighted, inner mesh edge?

I reckon it might have something to do with the radial nature of the topology, meaning it being ribbon- or loop-like. I’ve encountered this behaviour a couple of times before.

2021-02-14 08-58-30.2021-02-14 09_00_10

I’m not looking for a workaround!! I have a couple of Pythonic mesh sweeping, piping, and lofting tools that can easily handle this job!

I’m just curious why this fails for the vanilla components.
It’s also doesn’t work with wbJoin from Weaverbird or Weld from NGon, but - I guess - this is no wonder, since these add-ons probably merely wrap existing API functionality in this case.

Any ideas? Thanks. (13.3 KB)

I’ve no idea why but, I usually use Align Vertices with tolerance 0.001~0.01 before Weld Mesh in such cases…

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Weld Vetrices work fine (16.2 KB)

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Seems like you cooked up up your own workflow though. :wink:

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I also quite always use Weld Vertices, it seems the best “welder”.

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Which add-on is that from?

The same as @anon39580149 used, MeshEdit

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Thanks, ah, I haven’t installed it yet in Rhino 7. I kinda started with a “clean install” this time. :sweat_smile:

By the way, I’m still looking for an explanation for the issue above!

I think many reworking are done on mesh so they are less stable than they were.
There some good new like Vertex in with coordinate as double or float. But it seems to generate some problems (there are some discussion on this subjects)
You also will see that there are not normals after Weld component from MeshEdit so use also Unify Normal from Vanilla Grasshopper.

So I wish for a good cleaning of the mesh class, or a new mesh class more consitant for Ngons, perhaps a half edge mesh …