Help with 'MeshWeldVertices'

Hi All,

New here and newer to Grasshopper.

I’ve been following this tutorial on Youtube to make a parametric bench, but keep running into a problem with the ‘MeshWeldVertices’ node. It just continues to return the error ‘welding mesh with this setting was not successful’.
Edit: (He adds this node in around the 31:00 mark in the Youtube video)

I’m trying to apply the attached script to a simple straight curve for now

Anybody have any ideas for troubleshooting this? Or maybe any work arounds?


NEW (23.9 KB)


You forgot to internalise your curves!

Hi @diff-arch,

Thanks for the reply!

I just internalized it, thank you. I’m still however getting the same error as before.

Did the script work for you once you internalized it?

Hi -

Only you can internalize things that reference geometry in your Rhino file - no one else has that information.

When asking for help, you need to make sure that the information that is available to you also is available to the people you ask for help. You do that by internalizing data and then posting that file here.