Weld meshes inside of GH

I thought this was going to be easy.

I simply want to weld mesh inside of Grasshopper. I tried doing so via Python Script. The weld function does not seem to exist in rhinoscriptsyntax. So I made a long code trying to make it happen anyhow… see attached. No complaints in the code, but the output is empty.

Hope someone can help.

weldMesh.gh (108.5 KB)

Here it looks like you need to use Align vertices before welding (these are both standard components).

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Here’s a quick example of how to join meshes and weld them in GHPython:

230912_WeldMesh_00.gh (101.8 KB)

In this case you do not need to align the vertices (edit: Just saw Daniel’s answer, maybe you do need to align the vertices first), but if you do you can use the Mesh.Vertices.Align method. Likewise, the Mesh.Vertices.CombineIdentical is good to know.

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Oops, I think I was the one that was mistaken here - it looks like the AlignVertices isn’t needed for this particular mesh.

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Thank you both for the much much nicer solutions! Don’t understand why I did not found the Weld Mesh component before. Anyhow. In this case I will use the Python code, I need to practice that the most :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome. The forum is a treasure trove of Rhino/Grasshopper Python and C# knowledge, definitively have a look at the search function as part of your learning. Also note that one can check the Solution box on a post if it solves the topic. And welcome of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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