Mesh vertex snap not working

Hi all,

Just updated to the newest WIP to try out reflect and Vertex object snap is a bit buggy now.

It does only work when i use PointsOn on a mesh. Is this a new desired behaviour?

I’m not seeing that. The Vertex osnap is working on mesh vertex points without turning on Points.

By chance to you have this option turned on?

Just checked, @John_Brock , this is not the case, see the attached video, tested with a simple MeshBox and MeshSphere

Two things:
The text in your video is too small to read.
I can’t tell what you’re actually trying to do to test it.

I drew a mesh sphere, turned on the persistent Vertex Osnap, and started the Circle command. When my mouse pointer was within 15 pixels of a mesh vertex, it would grab it.

I’ve tested it with two in-house builds, one older and one newer than the current public WIP and I can’t get it to fail.

So far I don’t know why mine works and yours doesn’t.

Hey all - there was a change to mesh vertex snapping - I expect this is fallout from that. I see it as well on small meshes, not at all on large/dense ones. The change was made to handle larger meshes.
Thanks for the report.


What am I missing?

Hey JB - works sometimes… even here.
@John_Brock - see if you get any action with the Move command. And a mesh sphere.


Vertex snap does not work with vertices of selected meshes.