Vertex and other osnap problems


often when I have to move mesh objects along with nurbs on the scene I turn vertex osnap on and it works fine for mesh objects, but if I pass on nurbs object it overrides all osnaps for vertical edges and snaps on two points.
Sample image:

I don’t remember this problem from V4.
Is this solvable?


No. It’s because someone decided that vertex osnap should snap to extrusion objects’ “vertices” as well as mesh vertices. Those are the two snap points you are referring to.



Thanks Mitch,
I hope this will be changed.


I’ve just noticed one more thing, perpendicular osnap overrides the center osnap when you need
to pick the point to move to. Almost impossible to pick.


Center osnap problem with strange behavior on 0.01 tolerance (see steps 3 and 3.a),
solvable raising the tolerance from 0.01 to 0.001 in this case.