Mesh to Surface

Was wondering if there is any way to go from a mesh to a polysurface or surface “other” than using T-Splines? This is a long shot and maybe just a wish for the next version.

It is a topic that is regularly discussed, the above link is just an example.

Since I am waiting for my T-Splines to update, hence on my Mac. Can’t you do this in Windows Rhino?

That is only useful if the surfaces you are after are planar - it makes a plane for each polygon in the mesh - not (usually) what is desired in this context…


Thanks, I don’t really work with meshes, but i remember this command for some reason.


hit the resources on the rhino site, look for reverse engineering resources in the left side tab-

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Reverse engineering is a complex task. Take a look at

It provides features and tools to help in this tough process.